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Ehsan Torabi

CA Real Estate Broker# 01149604

Ehsan Torabi started his Real Estate career in November 19, 1992 by successfully acquiring his California Real Estate License from Department of Real Estate.

Ehsan’s Business experience started from April 24, 1977 in Los Angeles and after going through several businesses he decided to get into Real Estate as this is one of unique type of business that the investors or home buyers and sellers getting into a transaction which could be one of the largest transactions in their business lifetime and they require to get all the help from an experts to make sure that they are getting into a right business transaction which sometimes they have to continue this transaction for 30 years as their loan would have that type of terms which would finally get payed off.

During this time Ehsan has seen 3 complete cycles of Real Estate in Los Angeles, as Real Estate cycles normally takes between 7 to 10 years to be completed. Therefore Ehsan has earned his experiences by going through these cycles and now could advise his clients about his past experiences.

Ehsan during past 15 years also got in purchase of homes that required substantial amount of renovations and managed through process of complete remodeling of those properties and offered those properties for sale with making substantial returns oh his investments.

After market crash of 2007 Ehsan got involved with foreclosure and worked with Lenders and homeowners that were in trouble to make short sale or foreclosure and mediation or litigations process and learned substantial experiences in those fields as well.

Ehsan is working with private clients at this time and offers his services on his web site www.LAMarket.net

During this time Ehsan got substantial experiences in relation to Real Estate and Mortgages and Banking or Lending and home constructions and decorations processes which could be great assets offering to his private clients.

Ehsan is very highly educated with Math Diploma from High School and then he got his Bachelor of Science in Physics, and finally he achieved obtaining his Master of Science in Computer Sciences with his specialties in Information Systems in Los Angeles.

Ehsan’s educations are right on target with todays computerized environment and usage of Data Bases and Search Engines available on Internet to mass public to conduct their business, and he is offering all of his experiences and expertise to his private clients.

Who would you prefer to be your Broker on your side when you are getting into a Real Estate Transaction?

Ehsan Torabi with California Broker License # 01149604 is delighted to work with you to achieve your successful goals in your next Real Estate Transactions.

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